Certus Solutions named as the exclusive A/NZ Training Partner for Data Vault 2.0

Certus Solutions, the leading IBM systems integrator in Australia and New Zealand, announced today that it has been named as the exclusive training partner for Data Vault 2 .0 within the Australia and New Zealand region.

Data Vault 2.0 is a unique reference architecture that allows organisations to rapidly deploy data warehouses that can adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of the businesses of today.

“What Data Vault 2.0 offers organisations is an infinitely scalable architecture that, is not only quicker to implement, but ensures that the data is trustworthy and correct,” remarked Dan Linstedt, inventor of Data Vault and CEO of LearnDataVault.com.

Since its launch in 2013 Data Vault 2.0 has been increasingly adopted as a best practice standard for data warehousing and is fully applicable to big data deployments.

“QSuper, Tyson Foods, ABN-AMRO, US Government agencies, Lockheed and Vodafone amongst others, have already implemented automated data warehousing using Data Vaults, allowing them to answer business users’ questions in hours and days instead of weeks and months, while lowering risk and reducing total cost of ownership,” explained Linstedt.

Speed, flexibility and accuracy are the key advantages of Data Vault 2.0, which can reduce the deployment time of a new data warehouse from months to weeks but, perhaps more importantly, dramatically reduce business logic implementation cycles. This is exceptionally important because this underpins critical business philosophies such as Agile IT development and Six Sigma continual process improvement. The flexibility of Data Vaults also means that changes can be incorporated more quickly, without affecting the existing architecture, thereby reducing the need for shadow or bi-modal IT teams.

Data accuracy is critical to business success and Data Vault 2.0 allows users to create trust in their data warehouse as a true system of record; giving them the confidence to implement a data-driven business strategy. Data integrity also ensures compliance with their internal policies, as well as the fast-evolving global data and privacy legislation, and existing requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, and APRA. This is particularly relevant in highly governed sectors, including Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications and Manufacturing.

“We are thrilled to be the preferred training partner of Data Vaults in this region. In addition to training, we have already begun working with companies directly. Integrating the Data Vaults 2.0 architecture with the depth of data and analytics solutions we already have, is enabling us to create some unique and powerful outcomes for our customers.” said Brian Allen, CEO, Certus Solutions.

The integration and synergy between the Data Vault 2.0 methodology and Certus’ own powerful http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/alcoholism/ Information and Insights solutions will enable enterprises in this region to accelerate their big data strategies. Furthermore, organisations can continue to utilise their chosen database and ETL tools and, with appropriate training, their existing Devops Teams.

As well as new greenfield deployments, Certus is working with organizations to replace aging Data Warehouses that have become bogged down, overly complex and unmaintainable. In addition, the full traceability that DV 2.0 provides makes it especially suited to merging or rationalising multiple data warehouses from disparate business units or organisations due to restructure, acquisition or merger.

“The key to successfully deploying Data Vault 2.0 is a keen understanding of the customer’s business and its unique challenges,” says Allen. “Integrating Data Vault 2.0 into our business model will allow us to deliver our customers operational excellence through enterprise-wide data integration and deliver them total trust in the integrity of the business Insights that they glean from their data,” remarked Allen.

“We are extremely excited to be working with Certus Solutions as both a training and a delivery partner. They are industry leaders in their field and will help to bring the benefits that customers have been enjoying in the US and Europe to the A/NZ markets.” Dan Linstedt.

Certus began its DV 2.0 training early in 2017 with the first courses starting in February. More information on Data vault 2.0 and the upcoming training courses can be found here: http://campaigns.certussolutions.com/data-vault-2/

About Certus
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LearnDataVault.com is the only place online where the inventor of the Data Vault Architecture and DV 2.0 (Dan Linstedt) teaches you how to design and implement both Data Vault 1.0 and DV 2.0 based Data Warehouses, the way the architecture was intended to be used. They're giving away a 3-part free video course with downloadable data models to subscribers of their newsletter where they also announce new courses and provide special offers. To learn more and get access to this training visit http://learndatavault.com/free-course/

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