Glider Yachts launches new funding round to support build of SL24 Sports Limousine model

Glider Yachts Limited, the British luxury yacht designer and manufacturer, is launching a new funding round following overwhelming interest shown in its Super Sports 18 (SS18) model at the Monaco Yacht Show last September where nearly 50 qualified clients registered their details with Inwards Marine, Glider Yachts’ UK and European Sales Agent.

The new funding round aims to attract investors to support the next stage in Glider Yachts’ development programme. This centres on the building of the SL24 Sports Limousine model, the designs of which were shown at Monaco and aroused considerable interest from several superyachts and private island resort operators where the new model would be used as a chase boat or luxury shuttle.

The SL24 can carry up to 12 passengers and two crew at up to 50 knots. There are many internal layout options which include an en-suite toilet and the customisation options are limitless.

“What sets Gliders apart compared with travelling at speed in a conventional yacht,” Robert McCall, Glider Yachts CEO, said: “is that even in small waves the ride can be uncomfortable. Gliders, however, deliver a beautifully-smooth ride experience.”

Robert added: “From extensive sea-trials over the last year and a half, we’ve found Gliders reduce wave motions felt on board by up to 70% in comparison to conventional boats. This is a key selling point with our designs along with the speed our yachts can travel.”

Glider Yachts has plans for a full range of gliding yacht models with the SS18 and SL24 at the lower end and the superyacht sports range from 35m to 80m at the top end. It is proposed to start building these in 2019. Glider Yachts’ unique range of superyachts have been nine years in development, with meticulous planning, design and world-class British engineering using best practice and expertise from Formula One and the aerospace industry.

Potential investors should contact or call +44 (0)20 8133 0654.

About Glider

Glider is a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, headquartered in London with build partners in Southampton, England. The company has a clear mission to become the world’s leading supplier of high performance, luxury sports yachts, and to deliver a more comfortable, cost-effective and ultimately more efficient and sustainable way of navigating the world’s oceans. See

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