Raising the profile of dynamic companies in technology,
    adtech and fintech using clever
    communications and content


    Taking clients out of their comfort zone to
    increase their sphere of Influence way beyond
    their expectations


    Creating a consistent story from inside out and
    developing a dialogue with the right
    people across the right platforms

Sphere PR

We've worked with dynamic and successful brands in technology, adtech and fintech since 2005 to create clever communications and content that raises their profile, widens their sphere of influence and supports their business outcomes.

Media Relations

We manage our clients' reputations using the very best media relations tools and approaches, providing a truly integrated approach to complement their marketing and social campaigns. Above all we ensure we delight all of our clients with outstanding results.

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Social Media

Social media has become a very effective way for organisations to communicate with their customers, prospects, clients and the wider community. Sphere PR will work with you to develop a Social Media strategy that works for you and can manage it all for you.


Sphere PR raises the profile of all types of organisations from established startups to global corporations by getting them exposure in the right media for them. Based in Sydney CBD, our highly experienced team are all account director level and above.

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